New Yorkers Love Literature

Public laundry. An ideal place to discover your inner self. And while doing so, you don't have to peer inside the black hole and chip stone of the heater. New Yorkers, the literal ivy league amongst US city folk, pose over prose... whilst doing laundry. We're happy to announce that the next season of "Dirty Laundry: Loads of Prose" has just begun and you and your laundry are needed. The woman behind the laund.. the idea, is Emily Rubin, New York based author. "Mixing laundry and washing clothes seemed so natural. On both levels, in real life and metaphorically speaking, we all have dirty laundry to wash" - says the Brooklyn-born writer. So, people bring their laundry in, queue with their friends for washing powder and while doing so, all enjoy good piece of prose.

Jan Sochaczewski
February 2007 Dziennik Online News, Poland